Activities – Turkey

C5 Cyber-Bullying and Coping

Day 1:

Participant teachers was be trained by the psychologist about cyber-bullying.

Day 2:

Watching the films participating in the silent short film contest about cyber-bullying and evaluating the educational film was prepared.

Day 3:

Creation of a brochure to deal with cyber-bullying.

Day 4:

Training on short film on cyber-bullying and coping with it was created.

Day 5:

From Past to Future Children’s Games Activities: The leader country  shared traditional children’s games, rules and practice with participating schools.

When the activity is over after LTT: information sharing, analysis and the use of resources for the creation of different products was provided, and the training in short films for the use of participant teachers was given by the leading school and participating schools in the form of CD after LTT. As a result of LTT activities, pre-test and post-test was applied and the awareness and knowledge levels of the participants about cyber-bullying was measured and evaluated.

During LTT activity; In order to share knowledge, sample practices, workshops, analysis and use of resources for the creation of different products, the skills of our participating school teachers to cope with cyber-bullying will be increased. In this mobility; the awareness and competences of teachers of our participating schools will be increased in dealing with cyber-bullying; With the use of safe Internet, teachers, parents and students developed skills to cope with cyberbullying.