Information Technology High School

ITHS is the first private school in Belgrade, Serbia which provides education in IT field, which, in addition to professional knowledge, also provides basic general education. Internationally recognized certificates, quality education and nurturing true values ​​will prepare our students to become prominent
programmers, administrators, designers.

Classes are conducted according to the curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to the subjects required by the curriculum, students can develop professional business skills, as well as acquire advanced knowledge of foreign languages. Through high-quality, modern, efficient and interactive teaching that is tailored to students and their individual needs, abilities and interests, ITHS educates students for the occupations needed by modern society. The young team of teachers is very motivated to improve the work of the school, as well as to work on their personal development.

5th High-school of Acharnes Description

Our school is a senior high-school in a suburb called “Achernes”, located 10km away from the city center of Athens. It is a place of great history, as it was one of the municipalities of the ancient city of Athens.
Our school offers general education in 4 different specialties : social science and literature studies, information technology studies, science as well as health sciences studies. It is considered as a small one, as it consists of 110 students and 15 teachers. Among given lessons are greek literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, english, french and german language, sociology, economics, computer science, sports and religion philosophy. We also believe that all students should be integrated into the learning process via cooperation and teamwork. We intend to activate our students on issues of social concern and to give motives to weak students to achieve self-improvement. We promote school’s opening into local society in order student’s families to get involved in all school’s actions.


Our school was opened as Mevlana Imam Hatip High School
in the 2015-2016 academic year. It changed its name to Mevlana Anatolian Imam Hatip High School in the 2018-2019 academic year. It is a language-intensive school that teaches English and Arabic. It consists of 32 classrooms, 2 multi-purpose halls, 1 library, 1 painting and fine arts workshop, 1 music workshop, 2 science laboratories, and 2 masjids. Sports areas are available in the school garden. In addition, our 5-storey dormitory for girls became operational in the 2019-2020 academic year. We have 53 teachers, 3 administrators, 1 civil servant and 680 students. Our school is a qualified educational institution in Antalya / Muratpaşa district, giving importance to science and educating students according to the age.

I.P.S.S.E.O.A. “Umberto Di Pasca”

IPSSEOA “Umberto Di Pasca” is a kind of Vocational Professional Hotel School that provides technical training and a professional maturity for the access to different areas of work and/or to continue studies at university. It was founded over fifty years ago. It is in Potenza, in the South of Italy, and represents for Potenza and its province a reality which competes in professional training and promotes tourism, hotel and catering industry of the Basilicata region. The Academic Plan is able to combine students’ cultural and social growth and the promotion of a professional level oriented toward local, touristic, national and intenational market. The first two years of school are common to all students but at the third year they have to choose the specialization among Cooking, Reception or Bar. We have laboratories of cooking, reception and Bar, so once a week they practise these activities. At the end of the school our students easily find a job both in Italy and abroad because they attend not only school courses but they have learning opportunities everyday and can practise with the organization of events in collaboration with local associations. In addition they take part in stages in prestigious hotels or resorts. The inclusive education has a specific attention in order to improve capacities, abilities and skills of all students. OUR THREE COURSES OF STUDY Our Vocational Professional School offers 3 study addresses:

In the first two years all professional laboratories are followed. In the next three years, on the other hand,the students complete and enhance the chosen course of study
The gym is an environment that cannot be missed in all Italian schools. Our gym is impeccable! It offers our students the opportunity to organize tournaments and events with other schools as well as allowing them to practise different sports.
In our structure it’s very important the attached female and male boarding school. It offers, with food and lodging, recreational and leisure activities, including music room, games room and a little cinema. There are also people ready to help you in the most disparate personal and school difficulties. The rooms are ideal to accomodate students who come from the farest villages.

LPS Brăila

The sports school from Brăila was founded in 1967 and the current institution was used together with School no.30, until October 1992. From this date, the two units merged, becoming the Sports High School. Currently, the high school trains athletes in the following disciplines: handball (girls and boys), volleyball (girls), athletics, swimming, wrestling, football, rugby, basketball. Over the years, the Sports High School in Brăila has asserted itself as a nursery for the great national and international performance in swimming and not only. Famous names such as Beatrice Coadă, Diana Mocanu, Camelia Potec, Ionuţ Pungă, Adelina Gavrilă, Anişoara Cuşmir took the first steps towards great performance in the halls, sports fields and swimming pools of this high school. In the Sports High School, there is also preschool education in the kindergarten with Sports Program, in which swimming is practised as a compulsory subject. LPS Brăila also has a boarding school and a canteen, and the sports base includes swimming pools (outdoors and covered – where training takes place during the winter), sports games room. Students from handball, volleyball and wrestling train in this room. Besides the slogan Citius! Altius! Fortius !, specific to the sports school from Brăila, LPS Brăila is known as CHAMPIONS SCHOOL.