Problem at hand

According to the results of Europe Online Children Survey (2010), nearly 60% of children are online every day and the starting age for Internet usage is decreasing each year.

When we analyse the problems of education, it can be easily noticed that a lot of new educational problems have occurred as a result of False Technology Usage and Usage of Internet unconsciously and mistakenly.

According to our research in this matter, we have not met a project aiming to focus on both False Internet Usage and supporting the psycho-social improvement of students together.

Project Objectives

 – To ensure the conscious use of technology and the Internet 

– To contribute to the socialization of our students by reducing the use of unnecessary technology and by teaching the traditional children’s games as alternative to computer and online games

 – To develop the skills to cope with cyber-bullying by teaching teachers, parents and students the use of secure Internet.

 – To decrease the technology addiction rate in our participant schools by 10% in the first year and 20% in the second year by providing the skills of conscious technology and Internet usage (Technology Addiction Scale)

 – To increase the attendance rate of social and sporting activities in the school by 5% in the first year and 10% in the second year (non-attendance system data)

 – To increase academic achievement by 10% in the first year and second year with a decrease in technology addiction and absenteeism rates 

Local Activities

Local activities to be carried out in our participating schools will contribute to the access of our participating schools to the project objectives.

These local activities are:


We aim to provide students, parents and teachers with e-learning by developing an eTwinning project on the use of conscious technology and internet addiction that we and our partner schools are working on. Our project aims to increase the qualifications of the school staff and provide the students and parents with the skills of conscious technology and safe Internet use.

ETwinning will continue for 24 months.

The partner is responsible for evaluating his/her school and sharing information and documents with the coordinator and other partners.

1stLTT in ROMANIA , to prepare a teacher’s booklet on the use of Web2tools, to establish and follow up the Facebook group, to determine the Project Poster and logo, to keep silent movie competition and follow the activities of “I am not alone“.

2ndLTT in TURKEY, to prepare training modules Struggle with Technology Addiction CD, to follow “Break The Chain” activities.

3rd LTT in SERBIA, prepare Secure Internet Use handbooks, Real Drawings, to follow the activities of “Do You Hear Me” and “Leave Your Dreams Free“.

4thLTT in GREECE, prepare a didactic short film on cyber-bullying, to “Follow The Real Security And St Security AndStart To Day Activities İn Virtual Life“. 

5thLTT in Italy, Preparing the Book of Children’s Games from the Past to the Future, to follow “I’m Growing Up With Health“.

Together To A Better Technology

  • One of the most different and important features of this Project is that there are too many local activities to be held besides the ones regarding with the LTTAs named such as “Big Changes Starts with Small Touches“, “Do You Play With Me?“, “Theater Days“, etc. and the responsibilities for each activity are certain and it has been stated in the parts of timetable.
  • The preparation and transportation of the materials to be prepared for each LTT subject is the responsibility of the leading school.
  • The leading school in each LTT will be conducted and evaluated by the pre-test and post-test on the subject, and follow-up will be done by Turkey.
  • The use of secure Internet with project applications is expected to increase by at least 10% in participating schools. This rate of increase will be measured by Google surveys.
  • The use of secure Internet with project applications is expected to increase by at least 10% in participating schools.
  • This rate of increase will be measured by Google surveys. Please provide a translation in English. This summary will be publicly available in case your project is awarded.