Activities – Romania


Day 1:

Teacher seminar on the conscious use of the Internet in education.

Day 2:

Training of participant teachers on safe Internet use.

Day 3:

Workshop for preparing a handbook for students and parents on safe Internet use (10-20 pages).

Day 4:

Creation of a brochure to deal with cyberbullying.

Day 5:

Preparation of workshop report.

“Children’s Events from Past to Future: The Leading Country will share traditional children’s games, rules and practice with participating schools. As a result of LTT activities, pre-test and post-test will be applied to increase the awareness and knowledge levels of the participants about safe Internet and their evaluation will be made.

During LTT activity: Information sharing, sample practices, workshops, analysis and the use of resources for the creation of different products using the methods of participation of our participant teachers will be increased skills in the use of secure Internet. In this activity; raising the awareness and competence of participant teachers on safe Internet use aimed to develop the skills of coping with cyberbullying by teaching the teachers, parents and students the safe Internet usage.

The workshop report and handbooks prepared as a result of the safe Internet use workshop will be shared with our participating schools after LTT.