Activities – Serbia

C1  Using IT and Web2tools in Education

Day 1:

 Observation of practical activities and lessons by using IT and WEB2tools in different subjects. Sharing good practices by observing the integration of IT into classes. Sharing project results and achievements.

Day 2:

Workshop on using new technologies in foreign language learning – Kahoot, Wiki, Glogster, Learningapps, Edubuncee, – To observe and discuss our teachers’ digital education resources for students with special needs in different subjects.

Day 3:

NGO Training and Technology with the support of NGO, we provide training to our participant teachers about research on digital products used in research applications. – Practical activity: Weather monitoring and forecasting – using special sites for weather forecasting and forecasting of;; I; The gismeteo.r; Skype; Cloud technologies; Animoto, Forvo, Slideshare.

Day 4:

From Past to Future Children’s Games Activities: The leader country will share traditional children’s games, rules and practice with participating schools.

Day 5:

Workshop on the use of WEB2 tools in education and a guide booklet for teachers (10-20 pages). During LTT activity; information sharing, observation of sample applications, workshops, analysis and use of resources for the creation of different products will be used and the competence of our participating school teachers to use IT and WEB-2 tools in education will be increased.

Our leader school uses IT and WEB2tools effectively in education. In this mobility: It will contribute to the target of effective use of technology and Internet in education by increasing the competencies of participant school teachers for the use of IT and WEB-2 tools in education. In this context: Pre-test and post-test will be applied to the participant teachers before and after the LTT on the IT and WEB2 tools to be used in the training. As a result of LTT: A guide book will be prepared for the use of IT and WEB2 tools in education with our participating teachers. The booklet will be published by the leading school within 1 month and will be sent to the participating schools by post.